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Hughenden Valley 2025?

July 30th 2011

The Government’s consultation into HS2 ended on July 29th. A huge ‘Thank you’ to everyone who submitted a response!

We have to wait until the end of the year before the results are known, but there is plenty more to be done between now and then.  SAAG will be meeting in August  to develop plans for the coming months, and we continue to work closely with the Action Groups Against High Speed Two (AGAHST) to present a broad and deep resistance to HS2 proposals.

The fight isn’t over yet!

Route 2.5 Consultation Update

In a letter to David Lidington, Philip Hammond has responded to a question he asked on our behalf concerning the process for consultation, if the preferred route (Route 3) were rejected for any reason.  In what we believe to be a change of policy, the DfT now say that if Route 3 is rejected, any other route will have to be consulted on.

In some ways this is good news, as if more consultation were needed we would have even more time to respond and public opinion could turn even further against HS2.

However, we should not let this development detract in any way from our efforts to stop HS2 – irrespective of the route chosen, it is a waste of money, it is not needed, and it will destroy the Chilterns.  The full reply from Hammond can be seen here.

HS2 Consultation Starts on February 28th – ends on July 29th 2011

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Transport Select Committee on HS2

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Presentation from May 11th Public Meeting – please see here

What you will find here:

Key reference documents and detailed maps of Route 2.5 – The alternative preferred route for HS2

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Your involvement, support, suggestions and inputs are vital for this to work, so please, get involved and let’s see what we can achieve.  Please contact info@speenbucks.org.uk with your comments, suggestions and inputs.