Speen Fete 2013 – Programme Quiz

This quiz will run to the end of August. To enter ‘post a comment’ to this page with your answer to each question as they appear. (Don’t worry, no-one else will see your answers, only the judges.)
There will be six questions, all based on the adverts in the Speen Fete 2013 programme, so I hope you kept your copy as there is a prize worth £25 for the winner.

Q1 – What are the last 3 digits of the landline of the ‘clerical’ seller, servicer and hirer of garden machinery in North Dean?
Question 1 was posted on Tuesday 16th July.

Q2 What are the last 3 digits of the Princes Risborough office of the Sponsors for the Speen Fete?
Question 2 was posted on Tuesday 23rd July.

Q3 If the last 3 digits of an advertiser’s telephone numbers are 040, what are the last three digits of their Princes Risborough telephone number?
Question 3 was posted on Tuesday 6th August

Q4 How many advertisers have a 01494 488xxx telephone number?
Question 4 was also posted on Tuesday 6th August

Q5 What are the last 3 digits of the advertiser with a postcode ending 4NL?
Question 5 was posted on Monday 12th August

Q6 What are the last 3 digits of the mobile telephone number of the advertiser with 2 brushes?
Question 6 was posted on Thursday 29th August

The competition has now closed, there were no winning entries, however, you can submit an answer ‘Just for Fun’ and receive a copy of the answers. Was it too difficult?

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