Speen Environmental Action Group (SEAG)

Welcome to the SEAG page.  

We live in a beautiful part of the world and sometimes it is difficult to comprehend the awful things that are happening to our planet and to understand the ways in which our lives may have contributed to this.  We look to find positive ways of enhancing, protecting and sustaining our environment and all the forms of life within it.  We invite everyone in Speen and the surrounding area to join us, as many already have, as we embark on exciting projects, events and campaigns.

We hope you will enjoy reading some articles each month about climate change, biodiversity and the group’s forthcoming events.  Please join us with your ideas and be part of something amazing in your local area.

The SEAG Committee are hoping that as 2021 develops we will be able to tackle some bigger projects together and continue publishing helpful information and advice. We are currently looking for new Committee members if you would be interested in discussing this with us; and any other comments and ideas please send them to us.  Please also talk to friends and family as we all take these essential steps to a net zero carbon future together.
April 2021: New tennis ball recycling scheme started in the village.

Used tennis ball recycling with recycaball.blogspot.com. They buy used balls to re-pressurise for reuse.  
The balls need to be clean and not too threadbare or weather worn. Please note, ‘dog balls’ are not able to be recycled with this scheme. There is a bin on Speen Tennis court, adjacent to the bench, into which you are invited to place any tennis balls that you no longer use. Balls can also be given to Mandy How, 1 Mynthurst View, Hampden Rd, Speen.

Update March 2021: It is now over a year since we held our first public meeting and despite the pandemic and restrictions, we have continued to meet virtually and work at those aspects of environmental concern that the people at our general meeting highlighted. We have supported many environmental petitions nationwide and shared these with our mailing list to encourage government to put Climate Change at the top of their agenda. Our Veg Patch Pals initiative will be up and running again this year and sharing not only seeds and equipment but also advice and knowhow. (contact Monica Dent 07511733199).

Our wildflower meadow at Ridgley’s Field will be blooming soon, all being well, and we encourage everyone to take part in the No Mow May campaign to support pollinators in our gardens.

Over the Spring and Summer look out for our campaign to help us all reduce our carbon emissions at home and as we travel around. Check out your own Carbon footprint on the WWF website. https://footprint.wwf.org.uk/#/


Any comments, thoughts and ideas or to join our mailing list please email seag@btinternet.com.

Bucks County Council released their Climate Change Strategy last week. You can access it at https://buckinghamshire.moderngov.co.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=337&MId=337&Ver=4 

SEAG is affiliated to Bucks Climate Action Alliance. Please access the website: https://bucksclimateactionalliance.org Here you can see a considered response to this strategy and the work of a wide variety of groups around Buckinghamshire.


Group Coordinator 
Jane Farley
(jane.farley2@btinternet.com 01494 488749)