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The following article appeared in the recent edition of Swan Supping – the magazine of CAMRA in their June/July 2015 edition.
“I first visited the Old Plowe back in the late 60s/early 70s when the pub was obviously run by a retired, enthusiastic rugby player. There were great cartoon-style pictures of him on the walls – unfortunately I didn’t capture them on film. If any reader did, it would be great to see them.
The pub at this time was great for ale and food, probably one of the first in the area to offer both to an excellent
I still remember vividly a New Year’s Day trip there in the middle of a blizzard, with a signicant layer of snow on the ground. Negotiating the notorious bend on the way down from Speen to Flowers Bottom was a particularly unforgettable experience soon followed by excellent ale and lunch.
A shame to see it closed for good, though it hasn’t been a pub for some while, though in recent years it has been a great restaurant and recently, to its credit added a Chiltern ale to its offerings.
The owners have now retired and will remain living in the premises*. We wish them a happy retirement. Retaining the King William IV as the last pub in Speen ought now to be a priority for the local community I would suggest.”
Peter Hoade

* Peter wrote this before Malcolm and Olivia quickly sold the building and moved out.

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