Speen Village Funday

Speen Funday 2022 – Closing Message


The Closing Bell has Rung on the Royal Rumble and so we bid farewell to Speen Funday 2022. 


The cuts have healed, the sunburn eased and even the unexplained rashes (wholly unrelated to the kiddie kurling lubricant) have subsided. The ribbons are being stowed for another year and, as we do, the thanks and plaudits.


Firstly, huge congratulations to the winners, the Green Team, under the inspirational leadership of Dan Dunford and his impeccable joker playing tactics.


Secondly, big respect to Maia Appleby who emerged triumphant in the Kiddie Kurling Kup. A close run thing, with notably excellent performances from both Toby Cook and Harry Davies. After a lengthy debate, the impartial panel of judges opted for Maia for her poise, impressive distances and overall regal awesomeness. Well done Maia.


Next up, thanks to the team captains who’s leadership, coolness under pressure and creative interpretations of the rule book (what rule book?) really ignited the contest: White Will, Red Rob, Blue Nic, Yellow Jo and of course Dan, the Green machine.


Onwards, to the team of muscle, brain and improvisation who made the day work.


Geoff ‘The Ref’ Smith – his swan song after years of razor sharp officiating;

Jim & Clare Morris – barbecuing aficionados with amazing staying power;

Chris Walsh – arrow straight white lines and pinpoint hosing;

Pete Symonds – inspiration for games, general coordination and guidance;

Greg Cook – logistical supremo and catapult & kurling lead;

Ian Waterman – silver tongued cavalier with the voice of melted chocolate;

Cristina Delgado – unwavering stewardship of the sumup machines.


Once again to Ribbons; they are gently being put to bed, but if you happen to spot any outliers please do feel free to untie, wipe away the guano and return to me or SPF for reuse. 


Lastly to those who may have heard whispers of liberal rule interpretation or even, dare I say it, cheating! No! I can assure you all that I have been assured and given assurances that I believe I have been assured that all rules were followed at all times, assuredly. Anyway, it’s time to move on and get on with the job.


In parting, a message to all you aspirational game designers, rule sticklers and just general Funday enthusiasts. Funday is rumoured to have just celebrated its 20th birthday! The planning (what planning!?) and execution (winging it!) are not just whispered on the wind to a select few – any idiot can do it (as I have consistently demonstrated) – if you want to be involved for 2023, make it known to Matt Davies!


Thanks to all who helped and participated. Hopefully, if it was your first, it won’t be your last.


Matt and the Speen Playing Fields


Funday Teams

Red – Backlands Hill

Chapel Hill, St Peters Close, Water Lane, Laurel Close, Wayside, Dairymede, Monkton Way

Green – Parslows

Flowers Bottom Lane, Highwood Bottom, Grubbins Lane, Hill Side, Turnip End, Slad Lane

Yellow – Around the Village

Archway, Moses Plat Lane, Studridge Lane, Cherry Tree Close

Blue – Hampden Road

Hampden Road, Cornerways, Woodview Drive, Hampden Gate

White – Abbotswood

Coleheath Bottom, Abbotswood, Cottage Farm Way, Spring Coppice Lane

Orange – North Dean

North Dean Village