Veg Patch Pals

Grow Your Own Projects (Veg Patch Pals/Community Allotment) 
Monica Dent ( 01494 488943)
Kate Slade ( 01494 488262)

Please get involved in our ‘Veg Patch Pals’ project:
1. If you have any surplus seeds/seedlings/plants or other grow your own (GYO) items (eg plant pots/containers/compost) that you are willing to share, exchange or sell, please leave these outside your property for others to collect. Feel free to use this poster VEG PATCH PALS.

2. If you don’t have any suitable containers for growing seeds/plants but would like to have a go, try using plastic containers from your recycling bin (remember to prick drainage holes in the bottom if not already there).

July 2020 update:

3. A WhatsApp group is now up and running for everyone interested in sharing/seeking information about fruit and veg growing. If you’d like to join the group, please contact Monica or Kate.

4. Information sharing sessions – we’ve held two so far this summer in different gardens, following Covid-19 guidance on numbers and social distancing. The first session involved making the most of your compost heap, the second focused on cuttings and hot compost bins.