Speen Playing Fields: Ridgley’s Field

Ridgley’s Field

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Ridgley’s Field was gifted to the village in 1999 by local resident Dan Ridgley and in accordance with Dan’s wishes “….to be used for the benefit of the children of the village….” and placed under the management of the Speen Playing Fields trustees.

The land consists of a field of approximately half an acre in size plus a copse of mixed woodland.  Following consultation with the community the idea of creating a bike park was suggested by a group of village youngsters. 

Plans were drawn up under the guidance of Peter Symonds and the bike park started to take shape.  Appropriate planning permissions were obtained and the groundworks (donated by local contractor SPD Groundworks) commenced in early 2006.  Peter with the help of local teenagers designed the various jumps and bridges and these were fabricated ourselves using purchased materials during the spring months until the Speen Bike Park was opened in July 2006.

Opening of Speen Bike Park by Steve Cohen of the Garnet Foundation







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