Speen Area Action Group (SAAG)

July 27th 2017

As most people may know by now, the campaign to stop HS2 has not so far been successful and it is extremely unlikely that the first phase of the folly, from London to Birmingham, can now be cancelled.  Despite the efforts of many local groups, SAAG included, and national campaigns over the 7 years since the action group was first formed, the government has steadfastly refused to abandon its flawed business case and logic for the railway.

Some time ago, the decision was made to take a more northerly route through the Chilterns, thereby saving the inevitable destruction that would have been caused if the line came through the local area, but efforts have continued in support of other groups, the High Speed 2 Action Alliance, StopHS2 and other campaining organisations.

The strategy changed from one of entirely stopping HS2 to minimising damage and trying to optimise the various compensation and mitigation packages, where there has been some notable success.  The main fight now focusses on Phase 2 of the railway, from Birmingham northwards, and many action groups have been formed to continue the campaign.

It has been decided that SAAG no longer has a significant role and therefore the group has been dissolved.

Further information regarding HS2 can be found at the High Speed 2 Action Alliance website, which can be accessed at http://www.hs2actionalliance.org/

and the StopHS2 website, which can be found at http://stophs2.org/