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Welcome to the Speen WI

Speen WI meets on the first Thursday of every month in Speen Village Hall at 7.45pm.

The WI is the largest women’s organisation in England and Wales with over 200,000 members. Each WI is unique and aims to offer a variety of events for its members.

At each of our monthly meetings we have an intersting speaker and a time for a social chat as well as dealing with all the issues with which WI is involved.

We aim to appeal to all ages with our topics. A full programme of events is available here.

Each month the village noticeboards display the programme for the month.

We also arrange theatre outings and have an active Gardener’r Club which arranges garden visits as well as evenings with a speaker. These are open to anyone who is interested – you don’t have to be a WI member to participate.

Visitors will be made very welcome at any of our meetings.- come and try us!

You may even decide that you want to join.

Christine Oliver – president of Speen WI.

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