Speen WI – 2014 Calendar

Please see below for our interesting programme for 2014. 

Feel free to come along and hear our speakers – try before you buy (or join)! 

Refreshments are available at all meetings and we generally finish at around 9.30 – 945pm.

2nd January 2014


Wendy Black


6th February 2014

Hughenden Manor

Sarah Clay


6th March 2014

Native Woodland/Ash Die Back

Paul Melarange


3rd April 2014

Speen WI Birthday Party

‘Show and Tell’



1st May 2014

Discussion of Resolutions

Pam’s Journey through Patchwork


5th June 2014

The Jubilee River

Brian Clews


3rd July 2014

Derbyshire Well Dressing

Joan Harrington


7th August 2014

Can I help you, I’m a Paramedic?

Bob Harding-Jones

4th September 2014

Florist Ribbon Art

Doreen Kempton


2nd October 2014

A Wistful Eye on Titanic

Denise Beddows


6th November 2014

Speen WI Annual Meeting

Pot Luck Supper


4th December 2014

Rock n Roll & Rocking Chair

John Dunsterville



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