Speen Area Action Group HS2 strategy

The Speen Area Action Group has been formed to  fight against HS2.

The aims of the Group are as follows:

  • Create a recognisable group to represent the views of all the people of
    Speen and surrounding areas.
  • Provide a focal point for information gathering and dissemination
  • Coordinate and support individuals and other campaign organisations
    such as The Chiltern Society, HS2 Action Alliance, Chiltern Conservation
    Board and Buckinghamshire County Council
  • Articulate the flaws in the environmental and business case for HS2
  • Ensure all those affected as a result of blight are adequately

The Group is intended to cover the interests of residents in Speen, North Dean, Gt. Hampden, and Lacey Green, and we have established close links with the Hughenden Valley Residents Association.

The Speen Area Action Group Committee consists of the following people:

  • Mel Foster – Chair
  • Denise Bolland – Secretary
  • Keith Rosling – Treasurer
  • Loiz Bale
  • Tony Bobroff
  • Jeremy Symondson
  • Peter Keen
  • Ian Warr
  • Miv Hughes

Analysing the mass of material that is now becoming available and looking at some of the work that has been done elsewhere (such as by the Chilterns AONB) it is clear that the entire rationale for HS2 is flawed. If you haven’t already done so, please take a look at the presentation given by the Chilterns Conservation Board which gives an overview and also shows the true nature and impact of a high speed line, in the Key Documents section of this site.

As an overview to this argument, the business case (which is marginal at best) is based on extremely unrealistic and optimistic assumptions, alternative ways of meeting projected demand have not been fully evaluated, and it seems that HS2 could have a major negative impact on emissions. There is an excellent review of the business case developed by Bluespace, and another by Transport Watch, both of which can be accessed in the Key Documents section.

The strategy is therefore to look at a tiered approach to opposing HS2.

Tier 1 – overall viability of the HS2 project.

This ‘big argument’ is important, as if we can get traction at a national level on these major economic and environmental points, every MP in the country becomes involved in the debate rather than just the ones along the route, who can be accused of NIMBY-ism.

Tier 2 – do not route through the Chilterns

This big argument does not, of course, in any way diminish the points about the desecration of the Chilterns – irrespective of which route is chosen – so the next tier of the strategy is to challenge, for example, the concept of  the Heathrow link, which necessitates coming through the AONB, but more importantly, explore other alternatives which could use existing tracks.

Tier 3 – do not use Route 2.5

Of course, if all of these arguments fail, the final tier is that we may eventually end up ‘fighting’ against the current preferred route – but we do not expect things to come to that.

These are the issues that we believe have to be shared, debated, understood and then agreed in terms of a campaign to address them. Comments and inputs are welcome to


Speen Area Action Group – Committee Area:  Access

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