HS2 Key Documents & Maps

Hammond’s letter to Lidington changes position on Route 2.5 Consultation

Presentation from May 11th Public Meeting is available here

Please refer here for access to consultation documents

Original HS2 ‘Command Paper’ issued March 11 2010 HS2cmdpaper

Notes from Bucks CC Environment Summit October 15th

Bucks CC summit notes Oct 15th

Materials relating to Hs2 Ltd Seminars October 14th

HS2 Ltd Technical Seminar summary notes Oct 14th

Oct 14th HS2 Technical Seminar – 1 Demand Case

Oct 14th HS2 Technical Seminar – 2 Technical Specification

Oct 14th HS2 Technical Seminar – 3 Noise

(Please note – these include handwritten comments on the slides)

The ‘virgin’ slides have now been made available at:


Recording of BBC ‘Daily Politics’ Show September 23rd is here

New documents in September:

Letter from HS2AA to George Osborne gives a good summary of the issues.

Article published in October’s Modern Railways amplifies and articulates the case against HS2

Analysis of HS2 business case commissioned by Wendover Action Group.

We have finally received a response to our FOI on the consultation process – please see below.  As a result, we have formally complained to HS2 Ltd and will be escalating our concerns to the office of the Information Commissioner.

Speen Action Group Factsheet here

HS2 AA summary myths information here

A revised and comprehensive review of the flawed ‘justification’ for HS2 prepared by HS2AA.  This is excellent reading and can form the basis of letters and other representations to MPs, the Treasury and other influential bodies.

Justifiaction for HS2 – a case of myths not reality-4

Freedom of Information:

A summary table and full details of HS2 Costs can be seen here

FOI response on ventilation shafts is here

FOI request and response (after 42 working days!) on the consultation process is here


Chiltern Conservation Board Lacey Green Presentation May 13th

Speen Public Meeting June 23rd

Risborough Area Residents Association July 27th

Business Case Reviews & Alternatives

Wendover HS2 Action Group have prepared a thorough review of the business case:

Wendover HS2 Financial analysis of HS2 Final

High Speed 2 Action Alliance Alternatives to HS2 Paper. This is an excellent view of HS2, why it is flawed, and some of the alternative ways of meeting transport demand.  This is a more complete version of the material presented at the Bucks CC Summit on HS2 held on June 18th

HS2 AA A case for alternatives to HS2 June 2010

Blue Space HS2 Business Case Review – highlights the weaknesses of the HS2 Business Case

Bluespace HS2 Business Case Review

Transport Watch Appraisal of HS2 business case


Main Department for Transport site relating to HS2 – all published documents and maps for the Preferred Route


You need to read this about HS2 NOISE

New – maps for Route 2.5 – not available on the Dft website

We have all map sections for 2.5, which show the exact route, elevations etc as well as property and other impacts – in the same format as the detailed maps for the preferred route.

All route 2.5 Maps have now been loaded and are accessible below:

Map 1 – South Ruislip – Denham  HS2-ARP-07-DR-RW-02101_Iss3

Map 2 – Denham to Gerrards Cross  HS2-ARP-07-DR-RW-02102_Iss3

Map 3 – Gerrards Cross to Knotty Green  HS2-ARP-07-DR-RW-02103_Iss3

Map 4 – Knotty Green to Hazlemere  HS2-ARP-07-DR-RW-02104_Iss3

Map 5 – Hazlemere to Speen   HS2-ARP-07-DR-RW-02105_Iss3

Map 6 – Speen to Horsenden   HS2-ARP-07-DR-RW-02106_Iss3

Map 7 – Horsenden to Haddenham HS2-ARP-07-DR-RW-02107_Iss3

Map 8 – Haddenham to Chilton  HS2-ARP-07-DR-RW-02108_Iss3

Map 9 – Chilton to Piddington HS2-ARP-07-DR-RW-02109_Iss3

Map 10 – Piddington to Launton  HS2-ARP-07-DR-RW-02110_Iss3

Map 11 – Launton to Newton Purcell  HS2-ARP-07-DR-RW-02111_Iss3

Map 12 – Newton Purcell to Mixbury  HS2-ARP-07-DR-RW-02112_Iss3

Combined Map 5 & Map 6 HS2LocalMaps

Please note: this represents only an initial view of key documents and will be added to / amended over time. Please feel free to suggest additions.

Special sound file 1   hs2

Special sound file 2   hs2-4

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