HS2 Main Consultation

The Consultation closed on July 29th, however the site is still live if you wish to see the current status of information from Government on the Consultation.

For reference purposes, all the materials produced during the consultation have been retained on this site, and thanks again to all who submitted a response.

On February 28th, the Government launched its formal consultation into High Speed 2.  This runs until July 29th 2011, and represents the main opportunity make your views and opinions known and to STOP this project from going ahead.

The consultation site can be seen at  http://highspeedrail.dft.gov.uk/

It is also possible to request a paper form online or by calling 0300 321 1010, and in either case, the consultation consists of 7 questions covering the broad strategy, the route, and other aspects of the scheme.

One of the Government’s strategies is to try to bury people with detail – there are several hundred pages of information accessible through the consultation site, but none of this changes the basic arguments against HS2 that it is:

  • Not needed
  • Not affordable
  • Does not provide a low-carbon solution
  • Will not solve the North South Divide
  • Is not in the National Interest
  • Has not taken reasonable alternative ways of addressing future demand into account
  • It will destroy huge swathes of the countryside for no good reason

To help people to respond to the consultation, we have created some materials and acquired others which should provide you with the basic information needed to respond to the consultation, and these are available here.

For maximum effect, responses should be in your own words as much as possible, incorporating some of the points in the consultation support materials.

We would welcome any feedback you may have, and please – respond by the end of July – and ask as many of your friends and colleagues away from the area to do the same:  the negative impact of wasting up to £34 billion on this project affects everyone in the country.

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