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2015 Waste Collections

For the 2015 Waste and Recycling dates click on this link.
For guideline about what goes in which bin or box click here.
For those in Speen with a Monday collection, there was a glitch this week (Monday 12th Jan) and although the Green (garden waste) bins were emptied, the truck dealing with the Blue bin (recycling) and the paper box failed to show up. We have been advised that bins and boxes should be left out and a truck will be sent to collect this waste by Friday 16th Jan (evening). A call was made to 586550 at 4:30 (16/01/15) in which they said that they had until 18:00 to make the collections. Update at 19:00 – they failed and their offices are now closed until Monday!
This announcement will be updated once the collection has been made or different advice received.

Oil Theft

There have been a number instances where oil has been stolen from domestic tanks in the village, the most recent was this Monday (12th January) from a house on Cornerways. Please keep an eye out on your neighbour’s property and if you see a van lurking outside check with your neighbour and if you are suspicious, call the police on 101.
There are a number of measures you can and should take to deter such thieves in our oil dependant village including defensive planting and securing the tank itself. A more detailed list will be provided shortly on the (soon to be created) Neighbourhood Watch page.

Speen Message Board

Did you know we had a message board for Speen? No, it had been forgotten all about. But it is still there.  John Radford set it up about 11 years ago. If you want to leave a message, or read what others have put; have a moan; ask a question; say something – the click on this link http://speenbucks.proboards.com/ or copy the address into your address bar. Although John still ‘moderates’ this board (to remove anything offensive or inappropriate) this is not done on a regular basis.


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