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Welcome to the village website for Speen in Buckinghamshire – run by villagers for the village. (Log In Here). It takes a lot of effort to keep a village website up to date, so if you are one of our ‘Content Owners’, please review your material regularly. If you are just ‘visiting’ the site and have not registered, then why not take the plunge – we treat all of your information submitted in confidence and do not disclose it to third parties.

As you have gathered from the above, some sections of our website may be a little out of date. Everyone responds to a gentle prod now and again, so if you would like to encourage one or more of our ‘Content Owners’, please submit a comment and say what you think.

Speen Festival 2017

Speen Festival 2017 is starting to take shape – come along to the monthly Pop-Up Pubs (The “Robin Hood Bar”) on the last Friday night of each month in the village hall from 7pm and see how the preparations are going. Read more here.

Royal Thankyou

The village celebrated Her Majesty’s 90th birthday at an event on the Playing Fields in 2016, and sent a card to the Queen, which had been designed by Beth Downing. A very nice letter of thanks has been received, which can be seen by clicking here.

Speen Message Board

A web based message board for Speen was set it up in 2002. Click on this link http://speenbucks.proboards.com/ or copy the address into your address bar to access it.


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