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Speen Village Diary

To see the latest diary update, click here.
For the new Waste and Recycling arrangements leaflet click on this link.

Speen Playing Fields

Read the latest updates from the Speen Playing Fields committee here, including the 2013 Chairman’s Report.

Speen Bonfire 2013

Did you miss this year’s bonfire on the Playing Fields? Click on this link to watch it all in 2 minutes on YouTube. Did you miss the excellent picture in the Times? Click on this link to see it. Did you miss Thought for the Day on Radio 4 on November 5th? Click on this link to listen to this 3 minute section.

Superfast Broadband for Speen?

Bucks County Council, along with others, are seeking our support. Even without the fibre required for BT’s Infinity or Virgin’s offering an upgrade to the Hampden Row Exchange might yield speeds of up to 20mb. Registering your interest at http://www.superfastforbucks.org/ won’t cost a penny. If the campaign is a success and superfast broadband is made available on your street, you’ll be under no obligation to sign up to receive it. By registering, you’re simply helping Buckinghamshire County Council and Buckinghamshire Business First demonstrate to broadband service providers that there is a demand for superfast connectivity here in Buckinghamshire. 14,996 had said “yes please” by the 27th January (an increase of 1100 in the last 2 months), however this only includes 106 houses from Speen (an increase of 16 in the last 2 months), but we are still classified as a ‘low demand area‘ – so go on, help boost the number, click on the link above and do it now. There are still some Speen postcodes that have none or only 1 registration.

Natural Gas for Speen?

Should Natural Gas be available in Speen? With the price increases in bottled gas recently, you may wish we already had gas on tap. You may not want it yourself, but should it be an option?  If you are interested and would like to support the idea, you can send an email to Brenda Davies by clicking here.

Speen HS2 Microsite

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