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Speeding in Speen

Over the last few years I have become increasingly concerned about the alarmingly high speeds at which some cars, vans and lorries drive through our village and I am currently trying to get our council to support the idea of installing  electronic speed indicator signs in Speen.

So far the feedback I have had is that these signs are expensive at around £2,000 each and that a first step could be painting 30 mph reminders the road.  I believe that painting 30mph on the road would be completely ineffectual in reducing the speed of many drivers – we already have 30mph road signs positioned around the village which are obviously having no effect on speeding drivers.

I have been advised by our councillor, Graham Peart, that “if we are to make progress on this matter it would assist greatly if more would express their views as to the best way to tackle the problem”.  I am writing, therefore, to ask if you agree with my concern and, if so, please would you consider writing to one of our councillors with your concerns?

Graham Peart (District Councillor)- Graham.Peart@wycombe.gov.uk

Roger Craft (Parish) – rogercraft50@gmail.com

Philip Suter (Parish) – Philip.suter@yahoo.ie

As part of my argument I have pointed out that many local villages seem to have the electronic signs – Hughenden Valley, Bryants Bottom, the top of Cryers Hill, Great Kingshill, Naphill, Saunderton, to name a few and, if it is deemed appropriate and necessary  for the signs  to be installed in these locations, I am wondering why speeding through Speen should be considered less of a hazard to the residents.  We have Speen school and pre-school, very few footpaths, no street lighting and in the morning and late afternoon many children are walking to and from their bus stops which is also probably the time when the volume of speeding traffic seems to be at its greatest.  I have also said I hope the consensus is not that I need to present injury or mortality statistics to support my request – I would rather the signs are installed before someone is injured or killed and £2000 seems a small sum for the safety and protection of  Speen residents.

There are, of course, alternative traffic calming measures such as speed humps and road narrowing which may also be effective but, as a starting point, I need to get as many villagers as possible to express their views to the council to show the level of concern in the village.

I think it is a fair assumption that traffic volume through Speen can only increase, particularly if HS2 goes ahead and drivers will be looking for alternative routes to avoid the high level of construction traffic on some of the more major roads.

The next Parish Countil meeting is on Monday, 2nd November at 7.30pm in Speen village hall and it would be very helpful if you could write to one of the councillors before then.    I will be attending the meeting to make representation to the parish council and it would be very helpful to have as much support as possible either by email or your support at the meeting.

Many thanks and please do forward this on to anyone  in the village who you think might be interested.
Shelley Jennings

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